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Driven by my historic family name I have been studying and reading about the ancestry of my family ever since I was a child. Later this youthful enthusiasm turned into systemic research. After more than 20 years of exploring my family's (Latinovics, -cs, -c) history I was able to chart my family tree tracing it back to the 17th century. The bases for my research were Noble families of Bács-Bodrog County by Márton Szluha, and Hungarian Cyclopedia of Castles (Castles and mansions of Bács-Kiskun County) by Zsolt Virág.

I am still looking up people who can help me find a connection between the past and the present. It is my wish that after so much time lost the posteriors of the famous noble family of Bácska could come together several times on the land of our ancestors.

The other focus of my work is the protection of ancient monuments and traditions, especially the restoration and upkeep of the buildings of the Latinovits family.

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The Local Government of Bácsborsód Village would like to restore the Latinovits Chapel, still imposing in its present state, and which is protected by the locals. The chapel stands in the center of the village, so it is emphatically said that the renewal would make it a gem of the built heritage of the village. This would be basically achieved from government funding, the local government's own financial resources, and from contribution by likeminded individuals and organizations willing to support our cause. We are aware that it is important for the supporters to know that their contribution is spent only on the clearly stated cause, so the local government has opened an account named "Kápolna Felújításáért" (For the Restoration of the Chapel) at the OTP Bank in Baja.

Account name: Bácsborsód Község Önkormányzata "Kápolna Felújításáért"

Account number: 11732033-15341523-02130000

We respectfully ask all who agree with the above-mentioned to send their support to this account. If you need any further information please call +36 79-451-501 or send an e-mail to

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Ödön Géza Latinovits von Borsód